Chain of command For Grim Reaper allianceEdit

President............................ Shave1

Vice Pres............................ Wareagle777

Department Head Supvsr.......keithinnc / worjw1

Defense Minister...................Two and a Half  /  silvereagle

Diplomacy............................keithinnc   /   worjw1

Finance Minister...................gordo / Keith

Information Ministers.............supercobra6-4  / wincrafter

Job Descriptions.Edit


Boss! Posesses all authority in any situation.

Vice. Pres

To assist President in all matters Pertaining to Alliance regulation. the Overseer of all basic Opperations within the alliance. all Department heads answer directly to Him. Resposable for the daily opperation and welfare of alliance. Pososses all authority in any situation in the absence of the President.

Department Head Supervisor

Provides direct supervision for Defense Minister, Diplomacy Minister, Finance Minister, and Information Minster positions. Reports to the the Vice President of the alliance.

Defense minister

Handles all opperations pertaining to War, and the preporation for war. is also responsable for anything pertaining to national security issues within the alliance. anything that is a danger to the security of the alliance. He is the 4th person in charge in the absence of the President, Vice-President and Department Head Supervisor.

Diplomacy Minister

In charge of all Matters pertaining to Diplomacy. the Spokesman for the alliance with all heads of state outside the alliance.  Diplomacy Minister servers as the direct supervisor of all ambassodors and will negotiate all treaties with foreign parties as he recieves his instructions from Vice Pres.

1.   Ambassador - this person will act as a liazon to an individual Allied alliance. it will be his job to contact, and maintain communications with the alliance he has been assigned to. he will communicate with the leadership of that alliance , and will meet with them on a consistent basis. he will set up protocol for military and diplomatic cooperation between us and the ally. he answers to the head diplomats. 

Information Ministers

These two are in charge of all internal matters assigned to them. they will act as alliance administrators in working out any disputes within the alliance. they will also be in charge of maintaining moral within the alliance and over seeing activity, and reporting those who do not meet minimum standards within the alliance. they are responsable for recruiting active members to the alliance. will also be responsable for setting up weekly meetings for the cabinet and maintaining order during such meetings.!

1.  IO Officer. - this is the newest position created in the Grim Repper alliance. for all intended purposes, this new branch will be the CIA of Grim. that being the Central Intelligence Agency. his job will be to collect as much Information on a Strategic level as is humanly possible. he will gather intel on all other alliances out there. both friend and foe. he will keep constant tabs on the chat rooms, he will be aware of all disputes world wide , and any possibility of incursion into this alliance. his job is to know intimately any possible enemy. these individuals need to be heavy thinkers! able to strategically project the movements of others. strategy is everything to these guys. these guys should be aware of just about anything that could come at us before it happens, and already have a plan in motion through proper chain of command. they are the eyes and ears of the Grim repper alliances. these will answer to the Defence Minister.


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