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History..... The Polarian RevolutionEdit

Polaria, 2980 in the year of our Lord. Prime Minister Shave of the Democratic union of Padren took office in a swift and welcomed landslide victory. after having left his homeland do to a struggle within the confines of his own Government. president Shave Leader of the once great I.R.P took power of the small nation of polaria, after only a 3 day campaign. its people, having seen the great strides and prosperity achieved in his old country , desperatly needed change. there country had begun a downward spiral do to the leadership of the late facist Dictator who had taken control of the country several years ago by force. a general of the armed forces by means of an assaination followed by a koo. with his background in revolution , president Shave and a small band of special forces still loyal to him, re took the capital city of Washington in november of 2980. thus freeing the people of northern Polaria. on April 1st 2990, just one decade later , a couple of years after having joined the NATO alliance, the newly elected Prime minister of Northern Polaria began a feirce campaign to take back the southern region of its once whole Nation. now called the Empire of Irma Dos! Aug 5 2990, approximately 4 months into the war. most of the cities and regions have fallen into Polarian control. with an attempt to maintain control of the captured territories without causing harm to the major population centers and infrastructure. after all these are the brothers and sisters of the Polarian people. the Polarian leadership ran into a few problems as they found themselves running out of weapons and munitions to carry out the final stages of advancement, and was left with no choice but to wait for more troops and weaponry to be called up. and thus they called on their NATO aliies for help. september 6th 2990 in the year of our Lord. a thunderous aplaud filled the streets of the southern province of Polaria, as the people watched there Dictator walk out of the capital building in chains and fetters. never again will the polarian people be subjegated to the kind of tyranical rule they have endured. though we mourn our fallen comrades, we look forward with great expectation for a bright future. alas the Polarian Revolution is over! Shortly after began the long grueling task of the unification of the two terretories.

Uprisings in Southern Polaria.....Edit

Dec.5 2990, just 3 months after the General was taken into custody and his charges were announced to the Polarian Parliment, what looked to be a small uprising of Kutari Loyalists began attaching small towns and villages speratically throughout the province. in fear of a rebellion that could offset the rehabilitation of the southern province and its people as well as its economy which is still recovering from the damage of the murderous Dictator. Prime Minister Shave contacted heads of state throughout the NATO alliance, seeking Aid in creating a peace keeping force to help establish law and order throughout the Southern Province.

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